Boots and Letters

Creative fiction and non-fiction, some poetry. Inspired by steadfast people and the fury of the ocean.

The Curious Weight of Eternity

Portfolio Piece #2

The two men hiked in silence now, a silence in which each breath heaved against their chests. The vigor had dripped from their pores and movement was all that remained. Too much time had passed since the sun had sent its fists of warmth across the rolling blue. Their water packs had turned crisp and brown, but as they rounded the 367th switchback they saw her. The perfect pearl, deep in the cruel jaws of this jungle clam. They fell towards her. The white sand was beaded velvet, and the wind from the East, the one that shares herself with all mariners, she mixed the sand and foam from the sea and kissed her weary lovers to sleep. Some of the homeless that lived in the trees say the men slept for hours, others say days, but I happen to know it was for exactly one night, and one day.

They woke to an obsidian sky sprinkled with cold diamonds; it choked the cliffs behind them and fled into the sea. Their mouths tasted of iron and their flesh cried out in pain for it had sipped on the sun until it was drunk with heat. They walked to the mouth of the underbrush past the stream that trickled cold and clear, deep into the spoiled forest. I followed them like I did those prior, and despite the darkness, their minds burned and lit the path for their swift moving feet. When they found it they bathed in the shimmering pool, then stood, and shot each other in their barrel chests as a test. Theirs smiles cracked their lips and sent blood down their chins. What wonders, but with that realization of eternal life came others of a not so pleasant nature. I smirked from the branches as their smiles turned to frowns and the blood mixed with tears. And when they fled in the forest I chased and crushed them, and used what was left of their pride, honor, and strength, to fuel other fires in the world. For I am life, I am cruel, and I’m waiting for a man worth a fight.


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